How to have what you want

Hello friends,

Today has been one of rest. I hope it was same for you not minding the fuel scarcity and holding of power by our beloved PHCN or whatever they are now. I had some thoughts to share about an issue that needs attention, serious attention.

This might be harsh but i think a lot of people believe that the world owes them success. Some believe that the stars will align to bring them good fortune. Even more posit that you can not achieve more than your destiny allows you. This begs the question: what is the determinant of success? Well, to answer that, you must know that your success and failure lies within you……

you can not earn nor succeed beyond what your mind carries; you simply must be what you desire in mind before it becomes your reality. You are what you think about.

You must also take actions and believe in learning along the way. There are only learning experiences; you grow as you go

Money or whatever you want becomes a residue of the first two steps; a reward and by-product for your effort. So you must become successful in mind, act out your success and see the magic happen. I hope this was helpful.

Be with you soon. Cheers!


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  1. olagunju1 says:

    You spoke well. One will need to succeed within before u can win outside.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awogbemilaa says:

      Thanks for your comment sir


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