Taking Charge

Hello people,

How much value do you place on yourself? Do you look for approval from everybody? The answer to these questions will tell you one thing – your level of confidence and self love.

Self esteem issues have been a major cause of underachievement and lack of success in the lives of many people. It has been found that confidence is more mental than physical; it is more a state of mind than of circumstances around you. Self love is  far away especially when you doubt yourself; dislike how you look, talk and the family you have.

You can not be in control of your life if you have these issues such as low confidence and lack of self love as concerns. You are unique; no body else on the planet has your pupils, finger prints or your exact genes; you are one of a kind(you can say that every morning, it helps). You only live once. Another person’s opinion should never become your reality; they are just opinions.

Remember, no one can love you better than you so start taking charge of your thoughts and yourself. You are what you think about often.

Take care!


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