Iron Law of Life

Good Morning peeps,

Every time i have the opportunity to share a thought or an idea with you, i am highly excited because am following an age old law. if you want to find fulfillment, please pursue your passion; that will be something you wake up eager to do even without instant gratification.

Life is about give and take. In fact, you get a multiple of what you give with time. In this world, everything we do and enjoy depends of the law of give and take or if you like SOWING and REAPING. As long as heaven and earth remains, seed and harvest time shall not seize(bible reference). What you sow, you will eventually reap without fail.

If you want a result in your life, determine to seed to be sown or the cause to be pursued to achieve the effect you desire. Let us say, you want to change your financial status, you have to decide how much change you want, set a reasonable time line, find out what you need to do on a daily basis to achieve it, do it and you have activated the result.

Your birth was achieved by this law. Your health follows this law. Your relationships are patterned, if you know or not, after this law. All of life continue to exist by this law. It is not bound by country, race, education, creed or secular belief. It is the IRON LAW OF LIFE.

I want to believe this was refreshing as it was for me sharing it. Action: decide today the change that you want in any area of your life. Find out what you need to do. JUST DO IT! Expect the result without fail.

Until next time! CONNECT THE DOTS!


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