Hello friends,

I just had to share this quick comment. It has become a source of complain for a lot of people in respect of how the government is not doing enough to help them succeed. A large portion of the populace still expect the government at the center to take care of them even at old age. People lay claims to amenities that are their right because they pay tax and that should automatically qualify them for it.

' Mona...BeDeck®Let me shock you, for those who don’t know, You are in a CAPITALIST economy where only the DOGGED survive. It is value for value, in fact it is small money for large chunk of value. In this state of economic chaos, why do some people still thrive? why do some still do well? why do they seem to get ahead? They have become ADAPTABLE to the trends. They have been proactive over the long haul. Using the words of the late JFK: ‘ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country

If it was easy for success to be achieved, everyone will do it. You have to be tough on yourself. You have to realize nobody will give you anything on a platter of gold. Freedom of any kind doesn’t come cheap but at a price. That is why everyone will not succeed but anyone can succeed. It is a matter of DECISION. Decide today to be successful.

Take care folks!


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  1. Tolulope Abiona says:

    Nice Piece


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