Finding Fulfillment

Good Afternoon,

I just witnessed something amazing today which confirms a belief I have had for a long time now. Do you know that nothing happens until you act? Do you also know that in the place of action, magic happens. a law of motion says that a body continues at rest until an external force acts on it. It further says that this body continues in motion until a force is applied. In the place of failure, there is inherent  value called learning which leads to growth and the attitude you develop which is perseverance coupled with determination.

We are all created with a purpose to fulfill. before a manufacturer creates a product, he decides on the need it must meet(purpose) and then goes on to create the product. This is why the most important thing that a human being must discover is his purpose. without this you will live unfulfilled… emptiness, unhappy even with all the money in the world.

Your fulfillment equals time and financial freedom. If you discover your purpose or what you are made for early in life, you enjoy what you do, experience joy and happiness, you also experience wealth and time freedom. Remember this formula:

FULFILLMENT = FREEDOM(TIME+FINANCIAL). Do well to think about this and take action TODAY!


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