hello everyone,

i have thoroughly missed being here. in fact i started feeling guilty about denying you my readers of your right with me. my goal is to help you discover your true north; what you are supposed to be doing, where your fulfillment lies and my vehicle is this platform. for denying you this for the time period i was away, am sorry. i hope you forgive me.

well, let us get to today’s lesson which is the major reason we are here. i am sure you have heard the phrase, ”when the PURPOSE of a thing is unknown, ABUSE is inevitable”. i do not think it strikes home much until you dissect this statement because in it lies a code, a secret to finding joy, happiness and peace in this world. let us take each part, one at a time…….

WHEN – signifies time, moment, a period or duration of the lifetime of a person, product or thing. time is a unit of measure to help us keep record of our activity and existence alike, it is one of the most common true currencies we have that makes all of humanity equal. this is why when results are assessed, it begs the question: how did you spend the time you had or have?

PURPOSE – what is purpose? why is it important? let me use an illustration: before a product is created, the manufacturer by flash of inspiration or vibration of thought discovers a need or has an idea about a solution before he sets out to create a product to satisfy such need or birth a solution, it is this need that forms the whole essence of what the product will be made of or what features it will have in order to achieve the desired result. it is important to note that if this product is used for another need or to solve another problem it is not meant for, it is being ABUSED or misused.

all humans are created unique. nobody has your exact genes; your fingerprints have no duplicate, your eyes can never be the same as some else. you were designed to function in a special way. you have no comparison because you serve a different pirpose than your peers. within you lies treasures that form your ability to live a full and happy life by serving up your gift to humanity. you are an ORIGINAL not a FAKE. nobody was born by mistake; there might be errors in judgment but it does not take away from you what you are meant to be. there is a gift within you crying out for expression.

instead of mining these precious jewels, we undermine it by negative thinking, self doubt, circumstances around us that we can not control. we underestimate our potential to carry out great things. we go ahead to COPY someone else hoping to get happiness and then we are hit hard by the fact that NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD. life comes in phases, men come in sizes. let me let you in on a secret: THE SIZE OF YOUR CHALLENGES POINTS TO THE SIZE OF THE GIFT YOU HAVE. a rolling stone gathers no moss. every failure experience carries in it a seed of massive success only if you learn and fail forward.

from today, stop being a copy and begin to function as an original that you are meant to be. you are denying the world of the gift you carry which was sent to this world through you to be experience. the more you wallow in excuses and self pity, the more people suffer a lack and emptiness due to your delay in emerging and rising like a phoenix from ashes. YOU ARE A SOLUTION TO THE WORLD but you must see it. let me stop here folks because i believe a word is enough for the wise and this is almost and epistle .winks.

until you read for me, have a fantastic and fun filled weekend. cheers!


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