Steven covey, the writer of ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ defined responsibility as your ability to respond to situations correctly which means your capacity to master who you are; consisting of your body, mind, soul and spirit.word 1 The question is: Are you responsible? Do you think you are totally helpless? These days a lot of us believe we have right to a lot of things and believe the government is obligated to provide all our needs. We lay claims to things because we pay taxes that we do not pay in full. We simply forget that the work of a central government is not to make everyone rich but to create a level playing ground for all citizens to succeed if they so desire.

There is abundance of resources. Yes, there is but sometimes we fail to see it because we are so lost in complaining and having wrong expectations of our surrounding and economy. People who succeed and become wealthy do not sit around waiting for largesse to fall on their laps; instead they go out and get it. Fisher men launch into the deep to catch fish. They do not wait at the river bank for fish to swim into their net.

You have something within you that is a solution crying out for expression. Your job is to find the matching problem to solve. Quit the blame game; it is sapping you of energy and sabotaging your greatness. The height that great men achieve is not by sudden flight; they while others are sleeping, they toil day and night. Any reason you give that does not include you is an excuse that is not real. It is just fabricated by your mind. Get over yourself and quit the pity party now. Do something different by launching that idea you have been nursing. Look for ways it can be done. Do not take no for an answer; be your best self at all times. Remember, there are no failure experiences but learning experiences.

Get over excuses and adopt the ‘’I CAN’’ attitude then watch your circumstances change. If you like this post, please follow and drop your comments below. Thank you.


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