Connection VS Communication

Hello There,

In this age of technological advancement of bits and bites, internet, smart phones and social media, there has been a drastic drop in face to face, normal human interaction. It has painfully been replaced by chats, pings, tweets, pins, likes and virtual comments. No wonder there is an upward rise in conflicts, confusion, acts of wickedness without remorse, suicides, lack of love and many other vices associated with less human interactions bothering on feelings.images

We simply exchange information in the act of communication with little or no emotional attachment that is supposed to breed a connection which is the very fabric of our human existence. It is not surprising to see people sitting side by side on a commute via public transport staring at their phones and laughing to themselves without bothering to know who is beside them or what that person is going through.

This, not surprisingly, permeates and makes difficult the execution of work functions and closing of business deals when there are no emotionally driven connections instead of mere exchange of information via various means of communication. This inability to turn a stranger into a friend within a short time truncates the business of an entrepreneur from the start-up as the turnover period from approach to closing is unnecessarily stretched compared to when he/she can connect on a more emotional level.

To this end I thought to help with some tips to bridge this gap and to revive the art of CONNECTION which achieves more results than you can imagine. To connect to a stranger, a simple comment of honest admiration breaks down any initial resistance they might have. Why does this work? The moment a person feels you genuinely care about them, there is a connection and they are more open to your ideas and offers. Another thing like it is to realize that it is your responsibility to reach out and create a connection; get people emotionally involved. The following parameters if done intentionally will help achieve smooth connections and turn strangers to friends easily:

You need to get good at knowing people’s names and use it severally in your conversation with them in a pleasant-sounding voice

Learn to make eye contact not staring them down

Ask people’s opinion about issues being discussed. people want to be heard. in fact, they have lots of things to teach you

Reach out and make physical contact. it tells them you see them and reinforces their importance.

these steps mentioned above with consistent practice becomes part of you and makes you a most sought after individual in times of conflict and a search for a person who can achieve desired results in any situation. i hope this has added value and until you read from me again stay CONNECTED.


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