Rising and Falling


This is almost end of the first quarter of the year 2016 and as tradition will have it, everyone begins to assess the journey thus far. For one, to see how we have done, either making progress or lagging behind in some ways.images

If there are variances in the plans set for the first quarter, we check the causes and make needed adjustments so as to prepare for the second quarter which will lead to half of the year.

Not to bore you any further, this post is to share some thoughts about what it is that really affects how we really turn out in relation to our goals or aspirations. I have found that everything we achieve rises and falls in response to our leadership. The day we begin to take responsibility for everything that happens to us is the day our life truly changes for the better.images (1)

Why is this so? E + R = O (credit to Jack Canfield)

What does this mean? Event plus Response equals Outcome. This simply means anything that happens affects ¬†everything and everyone but it is your response to this event that determines the outcome or circumstances you have in your life. As Jim Rohn would say “It is not the blowing of the wind that determines the destination of the ship but the set of the sail”.

If things must change for you, then increase your leadership level which means increase your level of influence. To get more, you have to become more than you are.

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