I believe now you know what it means to rise and fall based on different factors. If not, please check out yesterday’s post.

Today is a brand new day and it is a rainy weather in my location and I hope it’s better at your end. I will like to share some thoughts with you to warm you up.

We all need money to meet basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, health, transportation and then wants like expensive jewelry, travelling, entertainment, causes to mention a few. As we will all agree, money is a means of exchange; an assessment of value; a means to an end; a tool to make a lot of things happen.

The question now is: Why do some people have loads of money while others have a meager quantity of same? Why does it seem that some people struggle to make ends meet while others dwell in affluence? Am hoping I could give a little of my view and render some answers to this….money

We all have the same amount of time(hours) allocated to us on a daily basis which gives everyone a level playing ground. One of the difference makers is how we use this time because investing time is not the same as spending time. What matters is the value in the time used. How does this really relate to money? The rich invest time on IPA – Income Producing Activities while the poor spends time on NIPA – Non Income Producing Activities.word 1

The activities you invest time in are the opportunities which activate the process that money follows into your pocket. These circumstances are attached to time because it changes with time. Opportunity is never lost but transferred to another person who is ready, prepared and alert to it.

Your achievement in any endeavor even in acquiring money is in relation to how much of your time you have spent in taking advantage of opportunities as they arise hence opportunity plus time equals money.

Do add your thoughts, views and questions on this post then follow for real-time notification on future posts. Thanks.


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  1. Akanle Juliet says:

    Welldone David and thanks for the insight, will look out for future post. More blessing


    1. awogbemilaa says:

      Thanks for the comment. You can check out our other posts and follow our blog. Cheers.


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