4 factors that affect your self esteem

The topic of self esteem has been discussed several times as it relates to performance, achievements and how people turn out in life.images (8)

Self esteem in simple terms is how much you like yourself in any area of life be it academics,family, work or the society at large.

What i want to do here is to treat four(4) factors that has been proven to have a high level impact on how much you like yourself or your self esteem. Feel free to share this post at anytime and leave your comments. They are:

Heredity. Environment. Education. Peer influence

Heredity. These comprises the genetic details you inherited from your biological parents. This could be body shape, facial expressions, cravings, health conditions just to mention a few. You need to come to an understanding that you have no control over these qualities you inherited because there was no way you could have influenced the parents who birthed you. Until you come to accept this fact, you will always find a reason to hate yourself which will affect how you relate to others and eventually short circuit your chances of success in life.

Environment. A child that is brought up in an abusive environment has a high likelihood of being withdrawn and experience low self esteem as a reflection of a worthless view of himself. Likewise a child that has been made to think that circumstances are to be hard will always have a struggling mentality which will hamper his potential. Your exposure impacts on your outlook in life. You need to realise that the world is large in itself and your personal experience is not generally another person’s too. You can always change to your environment to increase your chances thereby changing how you see the world in relation to you.images (5)

Education. What you know influences how far you can go and how much impact you can make in your life and others. Acquiring knowledge helps to boost confidence but a lack of it can greatly hinder how confident we feel in some environments. Your earning ability is influenced by your  learning ability; this means how much you earn is influenced by how much you know. Your level of confidence is not far from how much you know because your feeling of competence breeds a healthy level of self esteem.images (6)

Peer influence. Fela Durotoye said ‘it is not show me your friends and i will tell you who you are but show me your friends and i will tell you where you are going’. If the friends you keep are never-do-wells, it is not out of place for them to put you down every now and then hence making you feel bad about yourself thereby making you like yourself less. Go where you are appreciated not tolerated. You have a choice as to who becomes your friend not the other way round. Peer influence is a strong determinant of self esteem because if you have friends who celebrate you, it will show up in your general attitude and confidence level.images (7)

If you can analyse your self esteem in relation to these four factors, what  you will find will help you put things in perspective and also help you improve how much you like yourself.


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