How important is social media to your business

These days we all stare at a phone every now and then. A large chunk of human interaction is done via mobile through calls and the internet. People communicate with family, friends and colleagues on the go and through applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.etc


What does this mean for business? How does this impact on how business is done? Should you adopt social media into your business? To what extent?


Social platforms are an excellent way to create effective awareness about our business, communicate with potential customers and bring your existing customers closer. It is further more a fantastic avenue for networking and a basis for strategic partnerships.
For professionals, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for professionals to connect, communicate and foster relationships that may lead to business. To create awareness, you can create a business  page on Facebook and invite friends to like your page. Twitter is also great for creating snippets of content about what your business is about with 140words or links.


A choice is to be made here because when you realise that about 60% of the world population of 8billion is on some social media platform or the other which means the location of the market has changed drastically.


This is how you can take your business to the next level. Embrace social media today!


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